Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Did You Know? 1-13-2021

DID YOU KNOW? Look out for A+ air quality systems in homes to become a KEY amenity in real estate: Improving ventilation typically involves some combination of letting in more fresh air, upgrading air filtration systems, and installing technologies like UV light to kill those pathogens. For a typical office building, current ASHRAE standards recommend 20 cubic feet of outdoor air per minute (cfm) per person, and experts like Sasse recommend that a room’s air should be replaced three to five times per hour. (Bloomberg)

DID YOU KNOW? In 2020, damage caused by hurricanes, wildfires, and floods totaled $210 billion, according to the reinsurance company Munich Re. The six most expensive natural disasters happened in the U.S. The study highlights the cost of flooding to homeowners, developers, banks, and insurers, many of whom are on the hook when intense rainfall damages their property or properties they insure. According to First Street Foundation, there are about 14 million properties that are at risk of flood damage across the country.

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